Write a project that displays four sayings, such as “The early bird gets the worm” or “A penny saved is a penny earned.” (You will want to keep the sayings short, as each must be entered on one line.) When the saying displays on your form, long lines will run off the form if the label’s AutoSize property is set to True. To wrap text within the label, change the AutoSize property to False and use the sizing handles to make the label large enough. Make a button for each saying with a descriptive Text property for each, a button to print, and a button to exit the project. Include a label that holds your name at the bottom of the form. Also, make sure to change the form’s title bar to something meaningful. You may change the Font properties of the large label to the font and size of your choice. Make sure the buttons are large enough to hold their entire Text properties. Follow good naming conventions for object names; include remarks at the top of every procedure and at the top of the file.

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