Create an empty Web application named ZipCode. Save the application in the ClearlyVB2012Chap27 folder.

a. Add a new Web page named Default.aspx to the application. Change the DOCUMENT object’s Title property to ZIP Code Verifier.

b. Use Figure 27-39 as a guide when designing the Web page. Use labels for the static text. Also, use the Segoe UI font for the static text and controls. Use a RequiredFieldValidator control to verify that the text box is not empty. Use a RegularExpressionValidator control to verify that the ZIP code is in the appropriate format.

c. Save and then start the application. (If necessary, refer to the Important note that appears after Figure 27-31 in the chapter.) Test the application by clicking the text box and then pressing Enter. The RequiredFieldValidator control should display the “Please enter a ZIP code.” message. Now, test it using the following ZIP codes: 606123, 60612, 60611-3, and 60611-3456. The RegularExpressionValidator control should display the “Incorrect format” message for the first and third ZIP codes. Close the browser window. Close the Code Editor window and then close the application.

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