Glifoyle was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident and sustained a serious brain injury as a result. Prior to the accident. Gilfoyle was in dentistry, and now every doctor has advised him that he will not be capable of practicing dentistry in the future. Gilfolye hassed the driver of the other vehicle for a loss of future earning capacity. This claim would be best categorized as what type of damage? Select one: O a Special damage Ob Aggravated damage OC. Punitive damage od General damage Fill in the blank” occurs when the tortfeasor intentionally deliberately interferes with or touches another person without that person’s consent. Select one: oa Defamation bAn assault. OC A Trespass to Chattels. Od A battery Bubba, an angry, foul-mouthed fan, yelled insults at Rob, a professional athlete, as Rob was leaving the field. Bubba suddenly rushed toward Rob, and although Rob tried to defend himself by throwing his gym bag at Bubba Bubba hit him above the eye causing a serious cut requiring stitches Bubba was arrested, convicted, and sentenced in a criminal action for the attack. Rob, a starting player, missed ten games because of the injury. On these facts, which of the following is TRUE? Select one: ??. The insults yelled at Rob would, by themselves, give Rob the right to hit Bubba with force. O b. if Bubba sued Rob for hitting him with the gym bag. Rob could argue that it was justified on the basis of self-defence Oc. Although Rob suffered damages because of the attack, he could not sue Bubba in a civil action because a criminal action had been taken and the same incident cannot result in both types of proceedings. Od the attack by Bubba shows the elements of the torts of assault and battery: the assault was the hit the battery was the sudden rush towards Rob.

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