An application can access the Private variables in a class____ .

a. directly

b. using Public properties created by Property procedures

c. through Private procedures contained in the class

d. none of the above

Which of the following instantiates an Animal object and assigns the object to the cat variable?

a. Dim cat As Animal

b. Dim cat As New Animal

c. Dim cat As Animal

cat = New Animal

d. both b and c

An application instantiates an Animal object and assigns it to the cat variable. Which of the following stores the value returned by the Animal class’s GetName method in the strName variable?

a. strName = Animal.GetName

b. strName = cat.GetName

c. strName =

d. none of the above

The default constructor must be_________ .

a. a Function procedure

b. a Sub procedure

c. an Event procedure

d. either a Function procedure or a Sub procedure

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