OOP stands for ______.

Data validation code is entered in the__________ block of code in a Property procedure.

a. Get

b. Set

A Property procedure named City is associated with a Private variable named _strCity. Which of the following statements should be entered in the procedure’s Get block of code?

What is the name of the default constructor for a class named Animal?

Write a Dim statement that instantiates an Animal object and assigns the object to a variable named dog.

 A Private variable in a class can be accessed directly by a Public method in the same class.

a. True

b. False

Which of the following statements is false?

a. An example of an attribute is the _intMinutes variable in a Time class.

b. An example of a behavior is the SetTime method in a Time class.

c. A class is considered an object.

d. An object created from a class is referred to as an instance of the class.

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