Open the MusicBox Solution (MusicBox Solution.sln) file contained in the ClearlyVB2012Chap25MusicBox Solution folder. The application is connected to the MusicBox database stored in the MusicBox.accdb file. The database contains a table named tblBox. The table contains 10 records, each composed of four text fields.

a. Start the application to view the records contained in the dataset, and then stop the application.

b. Open the Code Editor window. Code the btnAll_Click procedure so that it displays all the records.

c. Code the btnShape_Click procedure so that it displays the records for music boxes having the shape selected by the user.

d. Code the btnSource_Click procedure so that it displays the records for music boxes either received as gifts or purchased by the user.

e. Code the btnCount_Click procedure to display (in a message box) the number of music boxes in the dataset.

f. Save the solution and then start and test the application. Close the Code Editor window and then close the solution.

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