In this exercise, you modify the Red Dragon Games application from the chapter. Use Windows to make a copy of the Red Dragon Solution folder. Rename the copy Red Dragon Solution-Count. Open the Red Dragon Solution (Red Dragon Solution.sln) file contained in the Red Dragon Solution-Count folder. Open the designer window. Add two labels to the form. Change the first label’s Text property to Number of records:. Change the second label’s Name, AutoSize, BorderStyle, and TextAlign properties to lblNumRecords, False, FixedSingle, and MiddleCenter, respectively. Also remove the contents of the second label’s Text property. Open the Code Editor window. The btnFind_Click, btnNew_Click, btnUsed_Click, and btnAll_Click procedures should display the appropriate number of records in the lblNumRecords control. (For example, the btnNew_Click procedure should display the number 21, which is the number of new video games.) Modify the code contained in the four procedures. Save the solution and then start and test the application. Close the Code Editor window and then close the solution.

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