If a procedure contains the Catch ex As Exception clause, you can use__________ to access the exception’s description.

a. ex.Description

b. ex.Exception

c. ex.Message

d. none of the above

Which of the following statements retrieves data from the Friends database and stores it in the FriendsDataSet?

Which of the following is true?

a. Data stored in a relational database can be retrieved both quickly and easily by the computer.

b. Data stored in a relational database can be displayed in any order.

c. A relational database stores data in a column and row format.

d. all of the above

The information in a_______ database is stored in tables.

a. columnar

b. relational

c. sorted

d. tabular

If the current record is the ninth record in a dataset that contains 10 records, which of the following statements will position the record pointer on the tenth record?

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