The multiple-choice type of test is the most commonly used test item type because of its versatility and its adaptability to the measurement of all levels of the cognitive domain.
The multiple-choice item is composed of the stem which presents the central problem of the item and the choices or alternatives which are the enumerated items from which the examinee selects his response. The choices or alternatives is composed of the foils or decoys or distractors which are the wrong answers and the keyed response.
The stem may be formulated either as a question or as an incomplete declarative statement.
The test item may also be either of the best answer type where all choices are correct answers but One is undisputedly the best answer; or the correct answer type where only one of the choices is the correct answer.
There are certain rules that must be followed in the construction of this test item type. Following would ensure greater validity and reliability of your test.


Using the table of specifications that you have earlier developed, construct 5 multiple-choice test items for the topic and objectives you have considered. Indicate the keyed response by an asterisk.

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