Salinas Brazilian swimwear (Brand Identity and Brand Leveraging)

6Imagine you are the brand manager of Salinas Brazilian swimwear for women (e.g., bikinis, T-shirts,
beach dresses, etc.). You know that your sources of equity are primarily related to a very high salience
among South Florida Latin consumers and a unique image of being fashionable (e.g., using the very best
of Brazilian designers), high quality (e.g., made of superior lycra), fun, and “sexy” (e.g., famous for
sponsorships by top models). Your boss is pushing you to come up with the best strategy to take the
brand nationwide. You are contemplating several options that are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
One option is to extend coverage and launch a campaign in California’s swimwear market there.

Another option is to launch a nationwide campaign for the next summer season. Swimwear is a highly
seasonal market outside the South East/West Coast states, and you wonder about the resources needed
for a nationwide campaign and the potential return on marketing investment. Recently, an idea emerged
from your team to extend the brand into the women’s fitness apparel category (i.e., clothes that have the
versatility to go to the gym, function at a high level, and then go to lunch or the local coffee bar). This
may enable you to take the brand nationwide with a product that is not as seasonal as swimwear is. Your
boss asked you to make a recommendation about the most appropriate branding strategy to take the
brand nationwide.

1. What are the pros and cons of each alternative? (10 points)
2. What would you need to be careful with if implementing either alternative? (10 points)
3. What would your recommendation be? How would you sell your recommendation to your boss
(i.e., what would be the key things you’d highlight to support it?)

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