QUESTION 2 Compute the multifactor productivity measure for an hour day in which the wsable output was 503 units, produced by 5 workers who used 705 pounds of materials Workers have an hourly wage of 19 and material cost is 19 per poond. Overhead is 13 times labor cost The multifactor productivity (nits 5) – (round to 4 decimal places) QUESTIONS Aheats club has + employees who work on lead generation. Each employee worka 35 hours a week. Nous in paid $21 an hour. Each employee identified an average of 10 possible leads a week from a list of 8,000 names. Approximately 10 percent of the leads become members and pay a one-time fee of $115 Material costs are $350 per week and overhead costs are $1547 per week. Calculate the multifactor productivity for this operation in foes generated per deltar of input The multifactor productivity for this operation in fees generated per dollar of input
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