Bob Sanders (your supervisor) has another job for you to complete for BSCI. This time, you have been asked to examine the ergonomic details at Acme Manufacturing Co. Specifically, Acme Manufacturing Co. has asked you to conduct an ergonomic evaluation of the packing line. Given the following worksheet (see the link below to download the worksheet), calculate the (1) RWL and (2) the Lifting Index. Using the data and results, provide your written recommendations for corrective action against strenuous lifting tasks performed by employees to reduce risks and to prevent injuries.How do you fill out this form?????

JOB ANALYSIS WORKSHEET Department: Shipping Job Description: Loading paper supply rolls lob Title: Packager Analyst Name: Sharon Spear Date: XXXXXXXX Measure and Record Task Variables Object Asymmetric Hanc Location Angle Weight Vertical Frequency (Degrees) Duration Object Distance Rate (hrs) Coupling L (lifts/min) L (Avg) (Max) Origin Dest. Origin Dest. 35 35 152720 10 17 0 0

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