Read this example of prewriting and select possible topic sentences from the options below. Compare and Contrast: E-mail vs. Handwritten Letters E-mail Handwritten Letters Arrives at destination instantaneously. • can take days or even weeks to arrive at destination. Doesn’t require much effort, because typing is often easier than Require effort, as writing by hand feels slow writing by hand compared to typing Doesn’t cost money. Cost money, at least for stamps. Most people prefer that e-mails be short. People typically enjoy receiving longer handwritten letters. E-mail is often quickly deleted or forgotten; people don’t cherish – People often treasure handwritten letters from mail the way they do personal letters. friends and family E-mail sometimes contains important information, but it’s more often Letters are often used to say important, personal used to say relatively unimportant things. things . . . Which of these would make a good topic sentence for a paragraph or essay containing the information listed in the prewriting activity ? Check all that apply while e mall is quick and convenient for everyday communication, handwritten letters are the right choice for personal, heartfelt messages B It can take a while to write a letter by hand Although they can be difficult to write and slow to arrive, handwritten letters are thoughtful gifts that friends and family will treasure for years to come.
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