Directions: Read this example of prewriting and select possible topic sentences from the options below. . Subject: Going to the movies from 1940 to 1960 . Few or no advertisements played in theater. • Tickets inexpensivel Average price in 1940s was less than 40 cents. • One ticket usually enabled you to see two movies, plus a cartoon and a news documentary • People often smoked during movies. • It was common for people to get to the theater long after the movie had started. • Many theaters had soundproof “cry rooms” where parents could bring upset children • Seats were smaller and not necessarily comfortable. • Food was inexpensive. Which of these would make a good topic sentence for a paragraph or essay containing the information listed in the prewriting activity? Check all that apply The experience of going to the movies has changed significantly in the last 60 years. Nowadays movies are preceded by lots of commercials. While the experience of going to the movies has improved in many ways in the last 50 years, consumers have to pay much more for those benefits Movie ticket prices are expensive today:
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