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I was very tempted to give an example of risk/reward as I work in finance, and this is a concept that I hear about / think about all day. However, I decided to discuss a risk or instead avoid a chance that I dealt with this week.

I have been orchestrating and planning an entire company team-building offsite trip for the last several months. This consists of flying the whole firm to Naples and planning everything from travel to our team building activities, meetings, meals, etc. I have been involved in planning almost every minute of the trip. As my planning is wrapping up and the event date gets closer, I do not want to add anything to the details that could cause a hiccup. For example, the plan is to have a “welcome basket” for team members. The event coordinator that I hired to assist in the planning has a vendor to create a welcome basket for me if requested. I also have a vendor I use for any SWAG or BD gift we need. Although using the recommended vendor may be more accessible, I decided to use my vendor as I know her products and system well. The risk of using a new vendor for such an important event that I anticipate going smoothly was not worth it. I avoided the potential risk and chose the more secure option.

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