Which of the following declares an empty array?

a. Private strStates() As String = ()

b. Private strStates() As String = []

c. Private strStates() As String = {}

d. Private strStates() As String

When entered in the form’s Declarations section, which of the following declares a variable that retains its value until the application ends?

a. Preserve Private dblTotal As Double

b. Private Preserve dblTotal As Double

c. Private Retain dblTotal As Double

d. Private dblTotal As Double

The intNums array contains six elements. Which of the following increases the number of elements to eight?

a. ReDim Preserve intNums(2)

b. ReDim Preserve intNums(7)

c. ReDim intNums(2)

d. Preserve ReDim intNums(8)

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