Prepare for team meeting


The impacts of the new software have not only been felt by the customers but have further resulted in team member disputes due to the lack of competence of staff in using the new software.

Issue 1: Lack of competence

Each team member to a varying degree has been impacted by a lack of competence in using the newly integrated system – with particular staff continuing to make regular errors whilst others have adapted to the new system with ease.

Issue 2: Disputes among team members

Due to ongoing errors, and the flow on effects to other departments and suppliers, you notice that several misunderstandings and incidents have started emerging with team members placing blame on each other and the implementation of ‘unnecessary’ new systems for continuing faults and issues.

As the team leader it’s apparent you will need to take measures to minimise the impact on colleagues and the team environment.

As this conflict is still within the scope of your role your manager instructs you to hold a team meeting to address issues, have all parties agree on a solution and resolve the disputes.

The manager lets you know the steps you will need to take according to organisational procedures regarding team meetings.

Organisational procedures:

  • Team meeting agenda to be composed on organisational template
  • Team meeting agenda to provide input for workplace enhancement and improvements
  • Team meeting agenda to note comprehensive details regarding specific issues to be raised to allow for adequate preparation and clarity.
  • Agenda to be sent out via e-mail at least 48 hours ahead of time to allow for other agenda items to be added
  • Any new items to be acknowledged and added to the agenda
  • Team meeting scheduled with adequate time for all parties to express their views
  • Meetings to be held in an adequate team training room
  • Minutes of the meeting recorded on organisational template
  • Minutes to include all parties in attendance and all discussions and issues raised
  • Any action items should be included in minutes and actioned in a timely manner, considering organisational policies and constraints

Team members who you invite and will be attending the meeting:

  • Ralph – team member – quite competent at the system and very outspoken
  • Sally – team member – a little shy, uses the manual and listens to instructions, however, still has the most errors recorded
  • Bianca – team member – has been asking Ralph for assistance when needed and making notes of the steps so she never makes the same error again, however, her efficiency has reduced
  • Chris – team member – only works 3 days a week and due to this has missed the initial introduction to the system, however, doesn’t like to ask for help and has been using the ‘trial and error’ approach.

Task 1: Prepare a team meeting agenda

You’ll need to prepare a team meeting agenda on the template provided (Appendix 1), which addresses the following:



1.1 Follow management’s instruction and organisational procedures in preparing a team meeting agenda, using the template provided.

1.2 Include at least one (1) agenda item that addresses possible causes of the workplace conflict

1.3 Include at least one (1) agenda item that allows an opportunity for each team member to express themselves

1.4 Include at least one (1) agenda item to establish and agree upon the current team dispute

1.5 Include at least one (1) agenda item that addresses possible workplace improvements

1.6 Include at least one (1) agenda item to evaluate options and negotiate a resolution, in consideration of organisational constraints

Task 2: Prepare a team meeting e-mail

You’ll need to prepare a team meeting e-mail on the template provided (Appendix 2), which addresses the following:



2.1 E-mail clearly states the purpose and intent of the team meeting, including to determine possible causes of team issues, openly discuss and resolve any ongoing disputes.

2.2 E-mail is sent with adequate time for the team to include further agenda items offering all parties an opportunity to raise unaddressed items and possible solutions ahead of the meeting.

2.3 Ensure you communicate in an assertive language style reflecting your team leader role, including and addressing all team members as appropriate.

2.4 Ensure e-mail is written in a respectful, sensitive and courteous manner, considering all team members in an effort to minimise further disputes.

Appendix 1: Team meeting agenda

Team Meeting Agenda

Meeting Called By


Type of meeting




Agenda Items



Time Allotted

Other Information:

Resources or additional notes

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