Question 1 [30] 1.1 One of the challenges that one can experience in business communication is cultural diversity. According to Hofstede (2011:8-13 cited in Bursey et al. 2020:77) there are six dimensions to national cultures. Read the following scenarios and then identify and briefly explain which dimension is relevant in the specific situation: 1.1.1 John and Patricia work in the same department. A colleague’s father passed away and John asked Patricia to send flowers and a card to the colleague on behalf of the department. (3) 11.4 1.2 1.1.2 Mr Sithole, the CEO, does not greet staff members when he sees them in the lift. He, however, expects staff to always greet him. (3) 1.1.3 Robert, who has just been appointed as assistant supervisor, is reluctant to handle queries from employees. He refers them to the supervisor. (3) Mary has been asked to prepare the notice and agenda for the next meeting that has to be sent out that afternoon. She, however, decides to continue typing the newsletter that is only needed the next month. (3) Different organisational cultures have different approaches to communication. Briefly explain how specific variables that originate in the company culture influence the communication in each of the following situations: 1.2.1 Staff members express their opinions during meetings, even if it leads to disagreement with management 1.2.2 Samuel, the sales manager, does not allow employees in his department to make any suggestions during discussions. He thinks that is acceptable because during management meetings, Mr Smith, the CEO, never asks attendees for input. (4) Conflict can almost be regarded as an integral part of teamwork. When conflict arises, it goes through different stages. Briefly explain these stages. (10) 1.3
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