Which of the following is FALSE?

The federal government is the largest producer of marketing facts

All businesses share a common problem of needing information

The principal task of marketing research is to increase profit

Marketing research is only one of the aspects of a marketing strategy

18. Pamela, a makeup influencer on is curious to know what kind of content is most pleasing to her viewers. To do so she asked them to post their ideas in the comments section below her videos. She also looks at evaluating her different videos based on the number of likes.

Pamela can be said to be exploring…

  1. a discovery-oriented decision problem
  2. normal thinking
  3. both discovery- and stragey-oriented decision problems
  4. a strategy-oriented decision problem
  5. serendipitous discoveries

19. Which of the following statements is FALSE?

A “problem” confronting a company might also be viewed as an opportunity, and vice versa.

Misdefining the problem or opportunity can produce disastrous results for companies

The best way to avoid researching the wrong problem is to delay the research until the problem is properly defined

Under normal circumstances, poor problem formulation can be rescued by more sophisticated statistical analyses

A research problem is merely a restatement of the decision problem in research terms, from the researcher’s perspective

20. One key to effectively using prior marketing research projects as secondary data sources is

using only the learnings from projects conducted by commercial research companies, in order to avoid internal bias

selecting only those projects that addressed the current problem

using only project results that were generated by laboratory experiments

always using project results in isolation, in other words, not confusing the issue by combining results from various projects

combining key learnings on related topics in order to arrive at synergistic learnings

  1. Unstructured data may comprise images, videos and even Tweets



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