In order to craft effective business messages, beginning writers should follow the writing process closely. The first step in this process is to analyze the purpose and audience of the message.

As you first begin the composition process, which of the following questions should you ask yourself? Check all that apply.

A)Will the audience listen to me?

B)What do I hope to achieve by sending this message?

C)Should this be an e-mail or a memo?

D)Do I really want to write this message?

E)Why am I sending this message?

Question # 2

Read and analyze the following paragraph for its primary and secondary purpose.

Akihabara Imports offers the widest selection of Japanese animation products available on the Internet. All products are shipped with certificates of authenticity. Choose from our vast selection of action figures, collectibles, DVDs, and print books. Items noted with (*) are signed by the original author. Some supplies are limited, so act now! Use our secure online form for immediate purchase, or call our operators at 555.555.5555, all day and all night, seven days a week.

What is the primary purpose of this message?

A)To track an order

B)To sell animation products to a customer

C)To respond to a customer complaint

D)To provide customer service

What is the secondary purpose of this message?

A)To provide customer service

B)To build goodwill with the customer

C)To rebuild the existing customer relationship

After identifying the purpose of your message, you should select the most appropriate communication channel. When determining the most effective channel for your message, which of the following should you consider? Check all that apply.

A)Importance of the font choice

B)Receiver’s preference and level of technical expertise

C)How long it will take to write the message

D)Necessity of a permanent record

E)Importance of the message

F)Degree of formality desired

G)Amount of effort involved

Question # 3

Consider the following situation and choose the most appropriate communication channel.

You’ve been getting e-mails for weeks from people who are excited about your company’s marketing strategies. They want to learn more. You’d like to share your experiences and ideas with fans and competitors alike, but you’re not sure how to address a wide audience quickly.

You should use:


B)A blog



Technology and competition continue to accelerate the pace of business; thus, business writers switch to increasingly faster means of communication. Consider the following scenario, and determine if a faster communication channel would be more appropriate.

Marianna is writing a letter to a customer informing him that Flannery Electronic will not be able to replace his defective stereo because the warranty has expired.

A)Marianna should call the customer.

B)Marianna has chosen the correct channel.

C)Marianna should send the message as an e-mail.

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