All states, including the District of Columbia, but with the exception of Virginia, South Dakota, Nevada, and Maryland have Dram Shop Laws. California has its own laws that prohibit civil liability for servers, retailers, bars and individuals that serve people who in turn cause injury or death to others as a result of intoxication.

Then address the following fictional scenario:

A valet at a hotel in New York was slipped a $100 bill to go to the bar and bring a newly arrived guest a bottle of whiskey. About four hours later, the same valet was paged to the same guest’s room and the intoxicated guest stammered that he wanted another bottle of the same liquor right away. After the second bottle and a large tip, the valet went home thinking how lucky he was to have gotten to attend to the guest. In the interim, the guest went out on the balcony and fell off hurting two guests below by the pool and he sustained a permanent head injury besides other injuries.


  • What went wrong, when, and how?

  • What should have been done prior to the valet’s coming on staff?

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