. A juice bar owner wants to find out if increasing juice variety will increase customers. For this reason, a survey is applied to customers and potential customers about new product suggestions. a. Is it an applied or basic (fundamental) research study b. What type of racearch design (cross-sectional or longitudinal) would be conducted? Explain wh; c. Which sample type (simple random, cluster, stratified and systematic) should I choose for this topic? Explain why d. Write a question on this topic using a scale. (Likert, Thurstone, Borgadus social, distance semantic differential, and Guttman scale.) Explain why you chose this scale. e. Write three questions with their response options about the topic. All three questions will be about attitude and behaviour. Factual questions about the person himself, such as age, gender, income and education level, will not be asked. One for each of the open-ended, closed-ended and partially open types will be written. Don’t use scales. Also, explain why you chose that question type for each question. f. Write a survey question with its response options that is problematic (Not the same as 2e). Explain what the problem in the question you wrote is and write the revised version.
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