In order to conduct your analysis, pick an organization, as specified in each of the questions below. Pick an organization about which you can obtain information.

The TMA aims to assess your understanding of the core concepts of marketing and society. This assignment tackles different dimensions of the concepts of marketing, society and social campaigns. The ultimate purpose of this TMA is to allow you to develop your ability to use the conceptual frameworks, theories, practices, models and tools that you have studied in B324 and hence to apply them to real situations.

Your discussion needs to be provided in essay format (introduction, body and conclusion). You have to provide comprehensive discussion/analysis in your answer, and not only description.

Higher marks will be awarded to work that:

  • uses the example company to illustrate key points rather than just describe what it did. Descriptive answers will receive lower marks,
  • uses a range of scholarly articles to support the key points, or to develop its arguments,
  • addresses both parts of the question more or less equally,
  • uses correct in-text citations and a correct table of references,
  • is well-written in essay format,
  • has a conclusion which addressed the question directly,
  • is within 10% of the word limit.

Question 1 (100 marks)

In the context of client orientation, and based on the perspectives of Buchanan et al. (1994), discuss “the power of payback” in an organization of your choice. Provide examples to support your answer.(800 words, +/- 10%).

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