Consider an assembly line with three machines: machine 1, machine 2 and machine 3. Machines 1 and 2 are parallel and machine 3 is series with machines 1 and 2. The raw material enters to the production line with an exponential distribution, an average of 4 minutes. The raw materials will be then sent to the queue and wait in the queue to be processed on either machine 1 or 2. The raw material waiting in queue will be sent to either machine 1 or 2 as these machines have same functionality. Once raw materials are processed by either machine 1 or 2 then they will be sent to the waiting line (queue). Then the items from queue will be sent to machine 3 for final process. The items finally will be collected by the end of line. There is a dispatcher that dispatches 2 operators. The dispatcher responsibility is to dispatch 2 operators to pick up raw materials (boxes) from first queue and drop boxes on machines 1 and 2. The setup and processing time of machines are given below:

Machine: Setup time:
Processing time:
Machine 1 2 minutes Uniform (4,5)
Machine 2 2 minutes Uniform (3,8) Machine 3 6 minute Uniform (4,9)

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