Pear Electronics, a large brand of consumer electronics based in San Jose California is releasing a new product that will change the way we have video conferences on mobile devices, especially on tablets. With the use of a pair of glasses with unique patented technology and an app that will install in the tablet, users will be able to see each other sited in a virtual conference room where they will be able to interact with each other instead of waiting for a turn to speak. As the new member of Pear Electronics marketing team, you have been granted the opportunity to design a marketing strategy to promote this new product 15 days from today and run it during a two-week period. You must choose LinkedIn or Twitter or both platforms to run an organic and a paid campaign to accomplish two major goals: brand awareness and consideration.

You must put together a presentation with the following requirements:

? Name and description of the company ? Description of the product ? Description of your target market (demographics) ? Buyer persona ? SMART objective(s) ? Platform(s) that you choose for this campaign and a justification of your decision ? Content strategy and 5 post examples (minimum) ? A schedule of the posts (screenshot) using any of the tools covered during the course

.A brief explanation of your strategy indicating if it is going to be organic or paid content or both (500 words maximum) ? If you decide to include a paid campaign, indicate the proposed budget ? The metrics that you will monitor and the decisions you will make in case you see the strategy is not complying with your SMART goals

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