In this exercise, you create an application for a company named Mats-R-Us. The company sells three different types of mats: Standard ($99), Deluxe ($129), and Premium ($179). All of the mats are available in blue ($2 extra), red ($10 extra), and pink ($15 extra). There is also a $25 charge if the customer wants the mat to be foldable. The application should calculate the price of a mat.

a. Create a Visual Basic Windows application. Use the following names for the solution and project, respectively: Mats Solution and Mats Project. Save the application in the ClearlyVB2012Chap17 folder. Change the name of the form file on your disk to frmMain.vb. If necessary, change the form’s name to frmMain.

b. Create the interface shown in Figure 17-18.

c. Code the application. Use a function to calculate the total additional charge (if any). Also use an independent Sub procedure to clear the price when the user selects a different radio button, or when the user selects or deselects the check box.

d. Save the solution and then start and test the application. Close the Code Editor window and then close the solution.

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