Create a Visual Basic Windows application. Use the following names for the solution and project, respectively: Wallpaper Warehouse Solution and Wallpaper Warehouse Project. Save the application in the ClearlyVB2012Chap17 folder. Change the name of the form file on your disk to frmMain.vb. If necessary, change the form’s name to frmMain. Create the interface shown in Figure 17-17. The image in the picture box is contained in the ClearlyVB2012Chap17Wallpaper.png file. Code the application, which should calculate and display the number of single rolls of wallpaper required to cover a room. Use a function to calculate and return the number of single rolls. The text boxes should accept only numbers, the period, and the Backspace key. The Single rolls box should be cleared when a change is made to any of the four text boxes. Save the solution and then start and test the application. Close the Code Editor window and then close the solution.

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