Statistical Process Control Charts

Hakwa Honey Enterprise has recently signed a contract to supply honey in 750ml bottle to the major hotels in the coral coast area. The business needs to maintain a high level of quality benchmark as agreed with its customers. One of the quality requirements is the filling of the honey in the 750ml bottle. The company randomly selects 12 bottles of honey on a daily basis to calculate the sample average and sample rage. The table below summarises the data gathered for the past 10 days.

(a) Calculate the grand mean and average range for the 10 days.

(b) Using the table below, calculate the LCLx (lower control limit: mean) and UCLx (upper control limit: mean).

(c) Using the table above, calculate the LCLR (lower control limit: range) and UCLR (upper control limit: range).

(d) Explain whether the mean and range control charts are in control (there is no need to draw the control charts).

(e) Explain some of the strategies Hakwa Honey Enterprise could implement to continuously improve quality of its product.

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