Matching Training to Software Use

3-D Graphing You have the responsibility to manage software training for Sales, Accounting, and Operations Department workers in your organization. You have surveyed the workers to get a feel for the amounts of time spent using various packages, and the results are shown below. The values shown are the total number of workers in each department and the total weekly hours the department’s workers spend using each software package. You have been asked to prepare a spreadsheet summarizing these data and comparing the use of the various packages across departments.

a. Create a spreadsheet illustrating each application’s average use per department. To do this, you will first enter the data shown above. Then compute the average weekly spreadsheet use by dividing spreadsheet hours by the number of Sales workers. Do this for each department. Repeat these three calculations for both database and presentation use. Round results to the nearest 1/100th.

b. Create a three-dimensional bar graph illustrating the averages by department and software package.

c. A committee has been formed to plan software training classes at your company. Prepare a slide presentation with four slides illustrating your findings. The first slide should serve as an introduction to the data; the second slide should contain a copy of the original data table (without the averages); the third slide should contain a copy of the three-dimensional bar graph from the previous answer; and the fourth slide should contain your conclusions regarding key applications per department. Use professional labels, formatting, and backgrounds.

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