Tracking Project Work

 Queries and Reports You are responsible for managing information systems development projects at AAA Systems. To better track progress in completing projects, you have decided to maintain a simple database table to track the time your employees spend on various tasks and the projects with which they are associated. It will also allow you to keep track of employees’ billable hours each week. The table below provides a sample data set.

 a. Build a database table to store the data shown and enter the records as a set of sample data.

b. Create a query that will list the hours worked for all workers who worked more than 40 hours during production week 20.

c. Create a report grouped by project that will show the number of hours devoted to each task on the project and the subtotal number of hours devoted to each project, as well as a grand total of all hours worked.

d. Create a report grouped by employee that will show each employee’s hours worked on each task and total hours worked. The user should be able to select a production week and find data for just that week presented.

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