Firstly, some new vehicle sellers considered leasing instead of selling their vehicles. As a consequence, consumer payments often extremely little or nil and monthly payments decreased. The new cars were now similar to prior payments for cars. Second, Kane’s salesmen were more enthusiastic in their attempts to sell cars. As a result of decrease in wages. Other vehicles had to be sold. Some customers, especially those who had ordered from the business, claimed that salespeople had pressured them. Kane decided that the sales procedure for the vehicle had to be altered. He knew there were no negotiations, and many New Car companies took a one-time approach. Each vehicle has a modest but acceptable price and the automobile is sold at that price, thus eliminating the demands on the salesman as to the expenses to be paid. He wanted customers to have a nice experience acquiring an old car at Kane’s Buy-Rite, in terms of having a fair price. He predicted two challenges in convincing sales people of the efficiency of the new sales approach. First of all, a new sales relationship with the customer should be created and it may be difficult for some sellers to adjust to this. The quantity of vehicles they sold was already tough to sell. Now Kane urged not to push customers to buy. Secondly, salespeople might be paid to do a job rather than a commission. Many of the best selling can’t make so much money as they did previous high sales, but every salesperson should be able to earn honourable pay if the new method is effective. Preparation for Change Kane’s Buy-Rite New Cars lost the money for the third year in a row. The profit per sold car dropped, although year by year the volume of traffic sold increased. Owner Kae Shouk relied significantly on a loyal customer group, who returnedto the company to buy a second and even third car. Year after year, however, few customers pushed the company to increase its publicity costs. Sales staff attempted to convince prospective customers to buy them all through promotional campaign. Kane stated that the decline of the business occurred in two causes, namely fewer new consumers than existing non-returning customers. Kane expects believes dealers will concentrate on helping consumers select the best car rather than the highest price. Manage your vacation! Manage your vacation!
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