. Consider the following study to compare two popular energy drinks. Each drink was rated on a 0 to 100 scale, with 100 being the highest rating. For each subject, a coin was tossed to see which drink would be tried first. The drinks were served in identical Styrofoam cups.

$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn  Subject:$1rn $1rn    1$1rn $1rn    2$1rn $1rn 3$1rn $1rn  4$1rn $1rn$1rn 5

$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn   Drink A:$1rn $1rn  48$1rn $1rn  83$1rn    67$1rn$1rn 76$1rn $1rn    73

$1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn $1rn   Drink B:$1rn $1rn  55$1rn $1rn  85$1rn    61$1rn$1rn 71$1rn $1rn$1rn 70

Is there a difference in preference? State appropriate hypotheses and carry out a matched

pairs t test using α = 0.05.


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