Rewrite Question 1 from Mini-Quiz 10-1 using the Select Case statement.

Rewrite Question 3 from Mini-Quiz 10-1 using the Select Case statement.

Which of the following Case clauses specifies integers from 10 through 20, inclusive?

a. Case Is 10 To 20

b. Case Is >= 10 AndAlso

c. Case 20 To 10

d. none of the above

A form contains three radio buttons: January, February, and March. The radio buttons are named radJanuary, radFebruary, and radMarch. Use the Select Case statement to code a multiple-alternative selection structure that displays the birthstone corresponding to the selected radio button. The birthstones for the three months are Garnet, Amethyst, and Aquamarine. Display the birthstone in the lblBirthstone control.

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