As a business manager, do you think that a corporation’s decision should be governed by a social conscience or is it ethical for a business to simply pursue a profit for its shareholders? Major Topic DECISION MAKING THROUGH ETHICS Blooms Designation AP Score 8

b) Read each of the following 3 statements and indicate your agreement or disagreement. If you fully agree with the statement, score 10. If you totally disagree, score

1. If you tend to agree more than you disagree, give a response between 6 and 9 depending on how much you agree. If you tend to disagree, give a response between 2 and 5. For each response provide a justification.
i. As unethical business practices become more sophisticated lawmakers face a very difficult challenge.
ii. A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. The most successful businesses are those who invent a unique product or service that satisfy a need without thinking of morality and ethics. Major Topic Blooms Score CONDUCTING A FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS ON BUSINESS ETHICS AND Designation 9 MORALITY AN
c) When frivolous lawsuits occur, how may it affect future whistle blowers who have a valid legal claim against their company? Major Topic Blooms Score WHISTLE BLOWING Designation
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