Google’s parent company is Alphabet. Which of the following companies is not owned with Alphabet?

  1. Oculus VR.

  2. Calico.

  3. Verily.

  4. Jigsaw.

  1. Who is current CEO of Google?

    1. Sundar Pichai.

    2. Larry Page.

    3. Sergei Brin.

    4. Nathan Blecharcyk.

  2. Which of the following statements is true?

    1. When performing a search via a search engine, one searches the actual web.

    2. Search engines use spiders to discover documents for indexing and retrieval.

    3. Spiders, web crawlers, and software robots do similar things, but they are significantly different from one another.

    4. The deep web is Internet content that can be indexed by most commercially available search engines.

  3. Which of the following is not a key reason for increases in online ad growth?

    1. Increased user time online.

    2. Improved measurement and accountability.

    3. Targeting.

    4. Steady CTR (“Click Thru Rate”).

  4. What is Google’s unofficial motto?

    1. “Don’t Be Evil”.

    2. “Search Engines R’ Us”.

    3. “Just Do It”.

    4. “Think Different”

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