Fatema has been recently assigned as a project manager, she is working with the project sponsor to develop a document that highlights the projects’ objectives, deliverables, timelines and budget at a very high level. This document authorizes the existence of the project and identifies the team members and their roles and responsibilities. What is the name of the document she is working at?a.Project scope statementb.Scope management planc.Project Integrationd.Project charter

9.The project life cycle consists of the following processes from start to end:a.Define, Control, Plan and Executeb.Define, Plan, Execute and Closec.Plan, Execute, Control and Closed.Plan, Define, Execute and Close

10.Abdulrahman learned how to set goals using SMART goals technique from the project management class. Based on what he learned, he came up with the following smart goal:a.To earn profit from my coffee shop business at the end of year 1b.To earn BHD 5000 from my coffee shop at the end of week 1c.To become a successful business man who owns the best coffee shop in Bahraind.To earn 5000 BHD from my coffee shop business at the end of month 1

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