1. In this type of organizations, the project manager has low authority, the resources availability is also low. The role of the project manager is part time in the project and he/she needs to obtain the budget from the functional manager:
    1. Functional Organization
    2. Strong Matrix Organization
    3. Weak Matrix Organization
    4. Projectized Organization
  1. Ahmed works in a bank that has a PMO office, he notices that the role of the project management office involves supporting other departments in their projects by providing templates and guidance but ensuring compliance. What is the type of the PMO in this bank:
    1. Controlling
    2. Supporting
    3. Directive
    4. Collaborative
  1. Sara is collecting requirements from employees to understand the current manual process in order to work on her automation project. She notices that some employees have difficulty to explain the process to her, while others where uncooperative and reluctant to share information. What can Sara do in this situation to collect project requirements?
    1. Questionnaire
    2. Benchmarking
    3. Observation
    4. Interviews
  1. The task that is at the lowest level or a work breakdown structure is called:
    1. Work activity
    2. Work package
    3. Work milestone
    4. Work task

  1. Ali would like to manage his project team so that their roles and responsibilities do not overlap. He wants to make sure that everybody understands what task he/she is responsible to perform. Help Ali to select the best of the following tools:
    1. RACI
    2. WBS
    3. RBS
    4. NPV

  1. You have invested BHD 4000 in your food truck business, you are expecting to earn BHD 1000 in the first year. Your minimum desired rate of return is 20%. What is the net present value (NPV) for the food truck business?
    1. 3,166.67
    2. -3,166.67
    3. 2,333.33
    4. -2,333.33
  1. Omar is the head of public relations of a multinational organization. He is known for his enthusiasm, strong convictions and charisma. He is also a professional project manager who recently earned his PMP certification. The management of this company is planning to assign him as a project manager for a new huge information technology project. After you studied project management, you think that Omar might not be the right candidate for the position because he does not have:
    1. Technical Project Management Skills
    2. Strategic and Business Management Skills
    3. Leadership Skills
    4. Functional Skills
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