Management of Global Crisis. Do some research about the Coronavirus crisis can impact the global supply chain. Consider how Global Production and Supply Chain Management are disrupted by unexpected major global events.

In your discussion, 2.consider the current status of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the United States and the impact on global supply chains.

Also, you need to 3.address how global supply chains have responded to guarantee the vaccine is available; discuss how local supply chains have held up.

Based on what you find in your research, consider which decisions you consider were helpful and which decisions you think were not helpful to the supply chains for vaccines. 4.Use the advantage of hindsight to discuss what you would do differently. 5.What mechanisms could you put in place to improve global management of large-scale crises in the future? 6.Discuss global impacts to the supply chains, global trade agreements, entry modes, and global/international strategies.

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