Case study

Company Name-Workforce Solutions Services Inc. (WSS)

Vision- Making HR Easier

Industry – Staffing and Workforce Solutions

Product -Solutions

# Employees -5,000 employees –

US and Canada Temporary and permanent staffing, outsourcing, and innovative workforce solutions (payroll, on site workforce management, recruiting, temporary solutions, outplacement).

Financial Overview--Modestly Profitable 20% profit margins

Strategic Emphasis -Acquiring new customers. Experimentation and searching for opportunities are valued. Acquire new resources. Obtain new opportunities. Differentiation. Continuous Development. Transformational changes to the market. Focus on growth – expand service offerings. Long term approach. Increase market share

Market -Service differentiation

Position -Provide new solutions to the customer

Competitors– Many competitors

Criteria for Success -The organization defines success on the basis of having the most unique or newest services. It is a service leader and innovator. Goal is to outpace and outperform the competition with new opportunities, provide unique cuttingedge workforce solutions

Organization Culture -Commitment to innovation and development. There is an emphasis on being on the cutting edge. Risk Taking, Performance, Long Term Thinking, Unstructured Environment, Flexible, Creative, Shared Decision Making, Freedom to Act.

Dominant Characteristics -The organization is a very dynamic entrepreneurial place. People are willing to stick their necks out and take risks.

Leadership -The leadership in the organization is generally considered to exemplify entrepreneurship, innovating, or risk taking

Management of employees -The management style in the organization is characterized by individual risk-taking, innovation, freedom, and uniqueness.

Values– Honesty, Diversity, High Performance, Innovation, Risk Taking, Learning, Balance, Flexibility

Workforce Description– Employee specialization – Temporary labor which includes clerical, administrative, assemblers, machine operators, inspectors Other key positions include Information Technology Business Analysts, Information Technology Specialists, Cost Accountants, Safety Specialists, Sales Managers, On site Client Managers, Media, Communications and Media Specialists. A diverse workforce with a broad range in age. Customer Facing – Temporary Labor assigned to client sites, such as Assemblers, Administrative Assistants, and Clerks, as well as Sales Managers, Solution Managers, and On-site client Managers

External labor market availability– The labor market is not readily available. Competition with other companies is fierce.

Answer the following questions based on the above case study:

1) Of the generic business strategies that most organizations follow (costcutter, customer-centric, prospector, innovator, or something else), which strategy does your case study seem to fit and why?

.2) What compensation objectives can you conclude from your case study List several unique compensation objectives for your case study and explain why you have inferred your unique objectives.

3) Review Formulating a Total Compensation Strategy and Contrasting Maps of Microsoft and SAS Map a total compensation strategy.Discuss your company’s profile in these two areas and explain why you have answered in this way.

4) In the case study you have selected, how might the company’s values be reflected in your compensation system design and why?

5) Review Hierarchical versus Egalitarian Structures and Layered versus Delayered Structures. What types of internal structures do you believe would fit best for your case study and why?

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