First, think about any company involved in Trading. It could be a company from your country or a company where you have worked in the past.

1. Identify the potential international trade initiative, providing details on the product or service, whether the opportunity is for export or import, and which market you plan to target.
2. Conduct secondary research to gather data, trends and facts to inform your report.
3. Research objectives:
a. Define the business opportunity and outline the questions the research aimed to address. These questions should consider the feasibility of the proposed opportunity, including the viability of the import/export transaction (cost of the transaction) and the risk of the initiative. b. Explain why these issues are important in importing from or exporting to the markets identified.

4. Research Design and Methodology
a. Identify the type of research (Example qualitative, quantitative, etc.) or research strategy selected to collect the information needed.
b. Describe which data sources and methodology will be used to address each objective. 1 1

5. Presentation of Data and Analysis
a. Describe the key trends, issues and challenges identified, including the potential risks associated with trade in the selected target market, detailed market intelligence and information on competitors.
b. Outline how the data collected helps to address the research objectives.

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