Title: Transforming an university engineering education programme in the area of Mechatronic for Industrial Revolution 4.0 as Industrial Center of Excellent for sustainability & growth in competing for niche market ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS BY WRITING A COMPREHENSIVE PROPOSAL You are appointed as manager to run the strategic engineering & technology consultancy department. You are required to prepare a proposal convincing your client in venturing this education sector or the related industries for developing the education industries sustainability and growth

1) The proposal shall include comprehensive environmental scanning in determining the trends & drivers (steep) and the swot analysis for this industries

2) The proposal shall include Malaysia education and industrial analysis in determining the sustainability and growth of this industries

3) The proposal shall include customer relationship management on red ocean and blue ocean strategy shall venture in sustaining and growth in the industries

4) The proposal shall include relevant market segment and statistic for your proposal

5) The proposal shall include comprehensive finding economic of scales and engineering economic analysis related to the investment required and returned of investment should you propose to venture this industry

6) Analyse the industries capital planning, capital expenditure (capex planning) should the industries are viable to be set up.

7) Identify all infrastructure and facilities required to be developed in fulfilling the educational center of excellent for sustainability & growth

8) Distinguish the human capital development for this industries to be implemented. the human capital shall include the educational and industrial sector for developing Malaysian workforce in this area

9) Developed and categorize the proper organizational structure for your client in fulfilling the education organization needs. the organization structure should be within client organization, interfacing together with human resources, finance and marketing & sales department and others. justify the organization structure with relevant fact & figures in supporting your proposal


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