Should you use a buffer or can you be direct when refusing Mr. Wright’s request?

a.Business is no-nonsense and being gentle when refusing a gift is not necessary. Being direct doesn’t hurt.

b.Bad-news messages always require a buffer. It’s the best option when a businessperson wants to be polite.

c.A buffer helps by softening the blow, for example, when a donor’s gift is rejected. When in doubt, use a buffer.

2) Which opening is most appropriate for the refusal letter to Mr. Wright?

a.Thank you for offering to give us your excess computers! Unfortunately, we are unable to accept used computing equipment. Pre-owned machines cost us a bundle in the past and we just can’t risk having to fix broken electronics.

b.Like many nonprofit organizations, Beacon Aid receives occasional offers from well-meaning organizations such as yours that wish to donate used computing equipment. We sincerely appreciate the intent that prompted your company’s potential gift of assorted surplus electronics.

c.How nice of you to offer to give us your computer systems! We sure can use any type of gift, whether money, goods, or services. Donations are not just tax deductions for our benefactors; rather, they sustain us so that we may continue to serve the public.

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