Your company is developing a better means to eliminate cockroaches from buildings. In the process, your research

and development team studies the absorption of sugar by these insects.10 They feed cockroaches a diet containing measured

amounts of a particular sugar. After 10 hours, the cockroaches are killed and the concentration of the sugar in various

body parts is determined by a chemical analysis. The paper thatreports the research states that a 95% confidence interval for the

mean amount (in milligrams) of the sugar in the hindguts of the

cockroaches is 4.2 ± 2.3.

(a) Does this paper give evidence that the mean amount of sugar in the hindguts under these conditions is not equal to 7 mg? State H0 and Ha and base a test on the confidence interval.

(b) Would the hypothesis that μ = 5 mg be rejected at the 5% level in favor of a two-sided alternative?


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