Word count:1200 words No plagiarism,

please Write a PR Program to increase the awareness of You are the PR Manager of the newly launched LAFC (Los Angeles Football Club) MLS franchise expansion team. In order to attract more potential fans and interest, you have been asked to develop a Public Relations Program that raises awareness of the team. Activities will be carried out during the whole of 2021 in the United States/MLS season, post-COVID 19. OUTCOMES

b. Generate engagement and ‘Word of Mouth’ amongst your target audiences (especially through social media) .

C. Amplify key messages’ reach by persuading target journalists and obtaining (traditional) media relations coverage. There are no budget restrictions (The MLS will study any coherent proposal that presents a consistency between strategy and reasonable cost; nonetheless, PAID media should not be the main focus of the plan). Events need to be carried out during 2021 (a timeline should be included)

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