COVID-19’s Impact on 2021 Content Marketing Strategy When pandemic restrictions around the country started occurring in March 2020, few imagined that many would still be in place or start up again—as the year drew to an end. As I write this, in mid-November, cases are rising across the country, and new restrictions are emerging. Through it all, organizations of various kinds have had to adjust and adapt to the new normal-whatever that is. As businesses plan for 2021, none can ignore the potential for COVID-19 to continue disrupting their operations and impacting consumer decisions. For content marketers, COVID-19 has meant a sudden shift away from blatantly overt promotion and a pivot toward thoughtful, helpful, and safety-related messaging that resonates with consumers who are feeling the pinch (both financially and from a health-and-wellness standpoint). In this column, I take a look at some best practices and lessons learned from content marketing experts as they look forward to the new year. What strategies might work for your marketing plans in 2021? Reallocating Budgets One major impact of the pandemic has been the cancellation of a large number of events, conventions, and conferences that many marketers have historically used for lead generation. outreach, and establishing thought leadership. Budgets for these types of events, which are not insignificant, are being shifted into other areas. For instance, Lisa B. Tilt (founder and CEO of the Full Tilt Consulting marketing firm) notes that her clients are shifting these funds to focus on branded content–“a steady drumbeat of content to use with their digital marketing channels. She has seen an increased demand for lead gen and thought leadership pieces to drive interest and compensate to some degree for the loss of in-person meetings and interactions.” While Tilt says that one of her clients tried to shift from live to virtual conferences including live booths and live chat the client “found them to be disappointing in terms of delivering leads or valuable engagement with prospects.” Instead, she is seeing an “exponential increase in the use of video as an effective way to tell personal stories, with excellent engagement numbers often double digit click-through rates.” She’s also noticing a new interest in older tactics, such as email marketing, again also making use of video for added engagement. Building Relationships Through Community Jason Akatiff, co-founder of Boundery, which helps consumers discover affordable tech products, says that, since the beginning of the pandemic, he realized the importance of building customer relationships through communities. Facebook has been part of his focus. “Figuring out a way to organically engage and formulate relationships within Facebook groups allows you to genuinely market your product to thousands of members,” he states in an email interview. ? A Analyze 2 companies that have seccessfully implemented content marketing to enhance their marketing campaigns. Elaborate the purpose of an Integrated marketing Plan © compare and Contrast how does an Integrated Marketing plan differ between Busines to Business to consumer Marketing.
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