Kamalworks at Abs company. He and his colleagues feel that it is time for them to form a union at the company for currently, there is none. The management is aware of this and send a representative to discuss with Kamal and his friends to persuade all workers to become members of the union in order to ensure the uniformity and ease in implementing policies and terms and conditions of employment. After the discussion, kamal proceed to apply for recognition for the union in order to commence collective bargaining with the management.

Based on the sections under Industrial Relations Act 1967 and Trade Unions act 1959, justify and write your answers below each questions

a.Is the management’s action permissible?Answer below:

b.In Malaysia, who has the right to accord recognition to the union?
Answer below:

c.Based on the case, would the union be granted recognition? Justify

Answer below:

d.iscuss the conditions for union recognition.

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