As John Cina, the person in charge of the opening ceremonies buffet for the university’s World Village celebration next month, you need to order food appropriate for the celebration. Your town has a great Middle Eastern restaurant (Zorah’s) that you think you want to feature. You visit the restaurant’s website and are happy to learn that you would be able to order enough tabouli, hummus, pita bread, rice favored with almonds and pine nuts, slow-roasted chicken (Zorah’s specialty!), and baklava for 120 people. What you aren’t sure of, though, is the cost. In addition, the website says the items can be ordered by the half tray or the whole tray, and you’re not sure how many people a half tray or whole tray will serve. You’re hoping that because the event is for a worthy cause and because the event would generate publicity for Zorah’s, you might get a bit of a price break on the order. You would even be willing to pick up the order by 11 a.m. on the Saturday of the event. Using the email address provided on Zorah’s website, write a request for the information you need to decide whether you will serve Zorah’s food at the World Village celebration.

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