Just give her my wishes and let her pick them up in her own manner.” “Sharon speaks the language?” Gideon asks. He asks. How many codes for work orders are there? You may want to offer her some instructions and perhaps a date or plan to finish the different stages of the project.” “I don’t see the purpose of outsourcing the work when you expect me to make all this effort,” you remark. It should be sufficient for me to describe my goals, develop a strategy, let it to contribute its own ideas, and then to release it. You are the biotechnology manager at Central Hospital. You are discussing a need for information with your employer, Deputy Chairman Peter Gideon. You recognise that your equipment’s maintenance and repair documentation does not offer the information needed to set up an efficient preventative maintenance programme – for example failures and failures, maintenance issues and special circumstances. “Were we not documenting all the work you and the technicians had done since our department was established a year ago.Gideon asks. He asks. “Of course,” you respond, “but if we’re not digging much, they don’t say anything helpful to us.” We have already finished nearly 24 months of chronologically categorised repair requests.”
“Can anybody sort work orders and categorise them by kind of task as necessary. I can always be assisted by my officer, Mr. Sharon, ‘Maybe, but I haven’t had time to fix my work myself and both technicians are overworked.’ “That should be,” you observe. “This is someone else, or somebody else. Then we could watch the information we need instead of seeking.” “Three circumstances among us seem to have been contrived to include Sharon in this effort,” adds Gideon. Then he outlined three possibilities: provide them expected results, processes, instructions, timetable/deadline, and inform them of the findings, propose and release an outcome plan, etc, allow the outcomes of the desired results themselves.

1. How can you establish if Sharon is accountable for this job instead of being assigned to it or finding an other way? 2. Describe the benefits and drawbacks of the three alternatives mentioned above.

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