Ohio State University—Urban Meyer and Zach Smith Case Study

  1. Chapter 4—What are the purpose and direction of the Ohio State University (OSU) football program? Why is the football program important?
  2. Chapter 4—Is it possible for purpose and direction to go wrong or to take on a life of its own?
  3. Did Urban Meyer hire the “right person” when he hired Zach Smith to coach at OSU?
  4. Chapter 4—How did (a) the University or Athletic Director Gene Smith and (b) Urban Meyer use words to convey and shape meaning?
  5. Chapter 4—What is the symbolism of the University’s three-game suspension of Urban Meyer? What is the symbolism of Urban Meyer’s firing of Zach Smith?
  6. Chapter 5—List three KEY behavioral actions from Urban Meyer in this case. Based on those three actions, hypothesize about his likely moral compass at work.
  7. Chapter 5—Did Urban Meyer exercise self-awareness or emotional intelligence as described in this chapter?
  8. Chapter 5—How does Urban Meyer measure up on items 1 – 6 on Table 5.3’s Ethical Leadership Checklist? Please address the first six items listed.
  9. Chapter 6—How did Urban Meyer violate the “importance of how” (see ~ location 2264 in Kindle Edition)?
  10. Chapter 6—Did Urban Meyer display situational awareness of the Zach Smith scenario? Did he have decision-making biases?
  11. How could a more effective, connected leader have prevented this scandal from happening?

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