Explain From the following N Culoy phase diagram, predict phases present phase composition, and phase amounts, for a 28% and 72% Cu aloy of 1200 C (2192 “F) (use only integer numbers) 1300 Liquid Tieline Liquid Tenger aliquid 3200 40 20 G Co Composition ) Figure 11. Coopernickel phase diagra (zoom Adapted of Callister, WD, 2015 lo) Phases present Cu NI %) [b] Concentration of liquid phase C [0] Concentration of solid phase (c) 10 The line • Liquid .) airgeada Liquid 1200 20 50 30 40 C Co Composition ( WNI) Figure 11 – Cooper-nickel phase diagram (200min) Adapted of Callister WD 2015 (a) Phases present Concentration of liquid phase C Ni 1% [b] Cu 1941 [0] Concentration of solid phase Co [c] 0 W 1% [d] W.1% [9] Phase amounts
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